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Software Engineering Division

Title Name   Email Tel Substitute
Director Ling-yuan Wang email 2520 First order:Kuei-ying Huang
Second order:Hsiu-wen Sun
Third order:Mei-huei Wang
Technician Wei-chih Shih email 2521 First order:Yu-Fen Pan
Second order:Ho-Chi Su
Technician Ho-Chi Su email 2528 First order:Cheng-Ming Tsao
Second order:Wei-chih Shih
Technician Jyun-Liang Chen email 2544 First order:Tsung-Hsien Yang
Second order:Chang-hua Ho
Technician Chien-Chih Chu email 2545 First order:Yu-Fen Pan
Second order:Ting-wei Shen
Associate Software Engineer Cheng-Ming Tsao * email 2547 First order:Chun-sheng Huang
Second order:Ho-Chi Su
Technician Ya-li Chen email 2524 First order:Cheng-Ming Tsao
Second order:Chun-sheng Huang
Software Engineer Chun-sheng Huang * email 2548 First order:Ho-Chi Su
Second order:Cheng-Ming Tsao
Junior Officer Ri-Gui Peng email 2549 First order:Cheng-Ming Tsao
Second order:Ya-li Chen
Junior Systems Analyst Tsung-Hsien Yang email 2542 First order:Jyun-Liang Chen
Second order:Chang-hua Ho
Software Engineer Chang-hua Ho * email 2546 First order:Tsung-Hsien Yang
Second order:Jyun-Liang Chen
Software Engineer Yu-Fen Pan * email 2526 First order:Ting-wei Shen
Second order:Chien-Chih Chu
Systems Assistant Engineer Ting-wei Shen * email 2527 First order:Yu-Fen Pan
Second order:Chien-Chih Chu
Administrative Officer Chia-Jung Hsieh * email 2543 First order:Wei-chih Shih
Second order:Ting-wei Shen


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