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Strategic Planning Division

Title Name   Email Tel Substitute
Director Mei-huei Wang * email 2460 First order:Hsiu-wen Sun
Second order:Ling-yuan Wang
Third order:Kuei-ying Huang  
Officer Yi-xuan Lin * email 2462 First order:Meng-chung Wu
Second order:Shiau-wei Pan
Administrative Officer Meng-chung Wu * email 2461 First order:Yi-xuan Lin
Second order:Hui-lin Chiang
Administrative Officer Yu-ching Liu * email 2466 First order:Meng-chung Wu
Second order:Yi-xuan Lin
Administrative Officer Chiou-yea Hong * email 2412 First order:Ying-shan Chen
Second order:Yu-ya Chiu
Administrative Officer Yu-ya Chiu * email 2413 First order:
Second order:Chiou-yea Hong
Administrative Officer Ying-shan Chen email 2414 First order:Chiou-yea Hong
Second order:Yu-ya Chiu
Administrative Officer Hui-lin Chiang * email 2463 First order:Yu-ya Chiu
Second order:Yi-xuan Lin
Office Worker Wen-chun Huang * email 2465 First order:Meng-chung Wu
Second order:Chiou-yea Hong


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