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Floor Plans

All library materials are housed on the 2nd to the 10th floor according to the nature of subject fields.

Each book is assigned a call number which is an unique address label to locate the item. Eastern language books adopt the call numbers by using the Chinese Classification System while western language books using the Library of Congress Classification System.

All periodicals are arranged in sequence of numbers. The Eastern language periodicals are arranged by the number of strokes of the Chinese character and the western language periodicals are arranged by the alphabetical order.


  • 8F

    • Eastern Languages Collection:Management Sciences; Literature and Arts
    • Western Languages Collection:Management Sciences
  • 7F

    • Eastern & Western Languages Collection:Social Sciences
    • Social Sciences & Management Sciences (Bound)
  • 6F

    • World History and Geography
    • Western Languages Collection:Humanities
    • Periodicals:Humanities (Bound)
  • 5F

    • General Works, Philosophy, Religion, Chinese History and Geography
    • All Current Periodicals
  • 4F

    • Reference/Information Desk, Media Room, Database Searching, Microforms, Overseas University Information Room, Reference Material, Reserve Books, Interdiscipline Collection.
  • 3F

    • Circulation Counter, Newspapers, Theses, Wenyuange Sikuquanshu , Corporation Information Collection, Faculty Publications Collection, New Books Exhibition, Circulation Department.
  • B1

    • 本研討室於民國九十八年九月更新相關設備,適合舉辦各式研討會、視訊會議及遠距教學等活動,並可提供網路直播及錄影服務。
    • 主要設備如下:
    • 1.座位112個
    • 2.高畫質多點視訊會議主機(LifeSize Room200)一部
    • 3.高畫質投影機三部 
    • 4.雙螢幕資訊講桌一部
    • 5.會議錄製系統一套